Lycon Hot Wax Harborough

Lycon hot wax

Revolutionising hot wax, Lycon’s luxurious shrink wrap approach eliminates even the shortest of hair with minimum discomfort and irritation to the skin.

We use Lycon hot wax at our salon in Market Harborough for a number of reasons. Lycon wax melts at a much lower temperature than most other hot waxes on the market. The discomfort normally found in more traditional waxing treatments, originates from the heat, as much as the removal of hair itself, hence why our Lycon waxing treatment is a popular choice for many of our Harborough clients.


Lycon Full Leg Hot Wax£39
Lycon Full Leg & Bikini Hot Wax£51
Lycon 1/2 Leg Hot Wax£29
Lycon 1/2 Leg & Bikini Hot Wax£36
Lycon Full Leg and Thong£53
Lycon Half Leg and Thong£43
Lycon Full Leg and Brazilian£57
Lycon Half Leg and Brazilian£47
Lycon Full Leg and Hollywood£63
Lycon Half Leg and Hollywood£53
Lycon Bikini Hot Wax£20
Lycon Underarm Hot Wax£18
Lycon Full Arm Hot Wax£27
Lycon Half Arm Hot Wax£21
Lycon Back Hot Wax£35
Lycon Shoulder Hot Wax£27
Lycon Chest Hot Wax£35
Lycon Lip Hot Wax£10
Lycon Chin Hot Wax£10
Lycon Lip & Chin Hot Wax£18
Lycon Full Face Hot Wax£26

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